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Hiking adventures with my cane in rural Africa

Good day Michele Details follow of a walk in Venda I’ve been trying for years to make a reality…A South African ‘Camino’ albeit in shorter form. This is the ‘inaugural’ walk. Rather short notice I know. It would provide unparalleled exposure to African/Venda culture, walking through magnificent countryside- one of the last ‘deep’ rural, traditional areas of South Africa! All the best, Jeff

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When is the right time to get a mobility cane?

I’ve just entered Cape Town Medi-Clinic, and am in a rush to make visiting hours. I walk at a brisk pace, eyes focused straight ahead. Whack!! Something has smacked into my shoulder, knocking me off balance. ‘’You just ran into me!!’’ a woman shrieks. I scan the area directly in front of me and take in an elderly, and fragile

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