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Venda – hiking through forest, rivers and waterfalls

After breakfast, we begin our hike through the forests to Makwarane, the first village on our itinerary. Before long, I assign my cane permanently to my back pack; with the rough and rocky terrain, it is more of a hindrance than a help to my mobility. I soon develop a technique that carries me through the six day hike, and

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Venda Hiking Adventure – arrival in Mukambani Village

MY HIKING TRAVEL GROUP The conversation on the journey from the airport to Venda is so riveting, that even though I’m exhausted, I ditch my planned nap and tune in. In the travel group is Liam, a videographer, Pearl, a pharmacist turned property manager, Jana, an artist, Jenny, a former MK operative, who during apartheid was in exile for about a

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Partially sighted traveller – “assistance required”

“Before I go blind” bucket-list adventures. A rural hiking adventure in Venda – Day 1 Raising awareness for Retina South Africa, and empowering the partially sighted (visually impaired). Sunday morning. Getting to Johannesburg. I’m almost hallucinating with tiredness as I check in at Cape Town International airport at 5am. The plane is taking off at 6:15a.m to Johannesburg and I’ve

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Hiking adventures with my cane in rural Africa

Good day Michele Details follow of a walk in Venda I’ve been trying for years to make a reality…A South African ‘Camino’ albeit in shorter form. This is the ‘inaugural’ walk. Rather short notice I know. It would provide unparalleled exposure to African/Venda culture, walking through magnificent countryside- one of the last ‘deep’ rural, traditional areas of South Africa! All the best, Jeff

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At the Bay Harbour Market

Michele Macfarlane visits the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay, Cape Town. Experience the fabulous food, great sounds and quality hand-made goodies and find out why this is the place to be in Cape Town.


I do Table Mountain

Michele experience a sunset trip up Table Mountain, Cape Town’s New 7 Wonder of the Natural World.